Friday, July 26, 2013

FEF information

doi: 10.1167/13.9.1061

Thanks for presenting a very interesting poster at VSS - it is great so I can show it to the lab your work.  I would love to one day decode what my Ballet dancers are visualizing as they listen to music they were trained to dance to.  See our labpage at or read our recent poster for more details.

Here are the papers I was telling you about FEF having large and small saccade neurons.  With the small saccade area (medial) potentially including a fixation zone

See discussion of FEF lateral area having very different anatomical connections on pg2091 of

for a more recent summary.

I have copied this for you here " Whereas lateral FEF that produces shorter saccades receives
more inputs from the central field representation of areas MT
and V4 as well as TEO and caudal TE, medial FEF, which
produces longer saccades, is more strongly innervated by the
peripheral field representation of areas MT and V4 and MSTd,
area PO and area 23 in posterior cingulate cortex."

Another related paper is this one

I am sure you already know this work.

This paper
discusses Fixation neurons in FEF directly.  

Good luck with your work and looking forward to your manuscripts on this topic.

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